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Subject: FYI: Component Registry

Flashline.com Unveils Component Registry, the Industry's First Open
XML-Based Resource for Documentation on Reusable Software Components New
Offering Accelerates Time to Market and Establishes a Complete, <>

CLEVELAND, Dec. 14 /PRNewswire/ via NewsEdge Corporation -- Flashline.com,
the premier software component marketplace, today launched Component
Registry (www.componentregistry.com), the first non-commercial, open
resource to provide critical component documentation for the industry's
large and growing collection of JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs), and
COM software components. By providing all of the component information
cataloged on one site, IT professionals using this valuable service will
reduce development time and speed time to market for their component-based
development projects.

At the core of Component Registry is an XML Document Type Definition (DTD)
which defines the standard format for documenting software components. This
universal format for component documentation eliminates the need for
developers to search extensively for the necessary component data, resulting
in faster and easier application development.

"IT professionals who are interested in the optimal 'build-buy' mix
achievable through the use of software components have been waiting for
solutions that can help them manage their component assets in an efficient
and thorough way," said Steve Garone, program director for Application
Development & Deployment at International Data Corporation. "
Flashline.com's Component Registry fills a void that represented one of the
most significant obstacles to the widespread adoption of reusable components
as a viable IT solution. With Component Registry, critical component data
and documentation are organized in a comprehensive tool."

Component Registry also serves as remote catalog storage for component
documentation. This centralization of data allows for easy access to the
component information, making it simple for developers to receive the
information immediately. In addition, the use of XML in the Component
Registry allows developers to repurpose the component data into any format.
XML also makes the component information portable and fully searchable.

"Component Registry presents a new model for the industry. Instead of
software suites and frameworks, Component Registry views components as
reusable and interoperable parts. It's a true programmer's view of software
components, " said Charles M. Stack, president and CEO of Flashline.com.
"Our goal is to encourage and enable a true reusable component industry, and
Component Registry takes us one step closer to achieving that vision."

Component Registry incorporates software components from developers and
development companies worldwide. Currently, the following companies endorse
Component Registry as a dynamic way to access component documentation:
Sun/Netscape's iPlanet, IONA, KL Group, Pramati Technologies, ProSyst USA,
Protoview Development, Wildcrest Associates, HexaTech, Instant Computer
Solutions, Intuitive Systems, Inc., Hallamshire Software, Virtua
Communications Corp., InfoRad, Tidestone Technologies and Diamelle

Traditionally, components from vendors are integrated together in a suite,
and component information from the vendor is decidedly "suite-centric,"
without detailed information on the specific, stand-alone components.
Component Registry breaks down the information in a granular manner, which
allows for developers to quickly obtain key component data without a break
in the development cycle. This resource also provides a best-in-class
selection of components without regard to commercial packaging, while
promoting and improving a greater degree of reuse at the component level.

Flashline.com encourages developers and development companies to learn more
about the offering and submit components to the Component Registry at
www.componentregistry.com. With Component Registry, Flashline.com will
strive to ultimately include every industry component.

About Flashline.com

Flashline.com is a privately held company pioneering the development of the
world's first true software component marketplace. It is a leading resource
to research, buy and sell reusable JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, COM, and
CORBA software components. This award-winning site is fourth in a family of
successful Internet companies created by Charles Stack, who is well known
for creating the first Internet retail store.

Note: Flashline.com and Flashline are trademarks or registered trademarks of
Flashline.com, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other
trademarks belong to their respective holders. Sun, Sun Microsystems, Java,
Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, Java Database
Connectivity, Java Business, and Write Once, Run Anywhere are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and
other countries.

    Marti Bowman                              Dan Sher/Tucker Walsh
    Public Relations Manager                  PAN Communications, Inc.
    Flashline.com                             flashline@pancomm.com
    mb@flashline.com                          978.474.1900

SOURCE Flashline.com

    /CONTACT:  Marti Bowman of Flashline.com, 216-861-4680, or
mb@flashline.com; or Dan Sher or Tucker Walsh of PAN Communications, Inc.,
978-474-1900, or flashline@pancomm.com, for Flashline.com/
    /Web site:  http://www.componentregistry.com/
    /Web site:  http://www.flashline.com/

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