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Subject: Model review time!

There has been very little discussion regarding the UML on this listserv, I
would like to begin by 
1) determining if people can actually view via the web the model
(http://objectrepository.norstanconsulting.com/). Click on Documents. Again,
there is an HTML version of the model, as well as Rose 2000 versions.  the
UML model is using the UN/CEFACT N090 methodology for its development,
focusing on the development of component interfaces expressed in XML as the
final product.  We are in the e-Business Requirements workflow trying to
hammer on the activity diagrams for each use case.
2) helping review and complete the model.  Over the weekend there was
conversion regarding the registration process for the Submitting
Organization. I am looking for feedback regarding this portion of the model.

The UML Activity diagrams for these can be found by navigating:
Use Case View | 
<<N090>> eBusiness Requirements | 
Security Service | 
Authentication Use Case  -- here you will find a use case diagram that shows
that all Party(s) must authenticate as well as a ebXML Bus Application.  It
can be revised to also show the special case of a Submitting Organization
registering, or split into another use case diagram altogether (style
issue).  the <<extend>> association shows that we MAY enter into this use
case whereas the <<uses>> association says we WILL enter into this use case.

Here is the status of the activity diagrams:
Authenticate User - complete
Register Submitting Organization - complete
Provide Authorization Scheme - not complete, need to have some discussion

To navigate, continue down the tree:
Security Service |
Authenticate User |
Authentication Workflow |
Authentication Workflow Activity Diagram 

the same level of navigation is require to look at the Register Submitting
Organization use case workflow.

As another note: In Authenticate User workflow, there is an activity
entitled -Enter "Register Submitting Organization Workflow".  that shows the
<<extend>> association in the use case.  There are a number of other places
where this technique is used to simply the activity as they can become very
cluttered otherwise.  

Also, Register Submitting Organization Workflow has a bunch of subactivites;
there is a + sign next to the activity where they exist.  
Finally, this workflow shows some level of object flow, and detailed actions
that will eventually be our interfaces to the components we design.

Please help out by seriously looking at these models.  I think they are
mostly self explanatory, but I do intend to put prose around all of this.
Anyone wishes to help in this please contact me.  the



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