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Subject: REPORT: Metadata Registry Coalition Meeting/Teleconference Notice - 14 March

Message text written by INTERNET:lisa.carnahan@nist.gov
>Is there anyone on the ebXML Registry Team comitted to attend
>this meeting in person? I happen to be planning to be in Washington
>and could potentially show up at this.

Meeting went very well - EDS presented, HCFA and WhiteMarsh.  Lots of
with ebXML.

Key points:

1) US Gov is paying Oracle to develop a 11179 solution - this will be 
     public domain soon - great chance to also use same codebase for
     ebXML related work- (NIST will presumably make URL known soon).

2) While there is a lot to like about 11179 - it is founded in modelling, 
     not XML and EDI.  Therefore - need is to apply 20:80 rule here -
     for V1.0 of ebXML.

My recommend would be that ebXML select a tailored sub-set of 
11179 that especially is suited to Schema datatyping a la W3C
schema, and also look at eDTD, eCo, eSpeak and Semantic Neutral work to 
combine into an eBusiness focused set.

This should give us a nice blend - 

a) Synergy with X12 and EDIFACT via 11179 - 
b) Ability to support real eBusiness interactiosn with specific focused 
     capabilities (eDTD and 11179 Registry / Repository model and
     eCo / eSpeak framework).
c) strong positioning to extend into extensive modelling features
     for later ebXML versions.  
d)  Ability to derive UML/XMI, and or link in models.
e) Ability to support Semantic Neutral representations.

This is a tough call of course - but I believe the foundations are here
to pull this off.  The danger is going too much into the 11179 world 
which could have a negative impact on usability and scope.

Notice that the current funding for 11179 is from giant government 
departments with massive data correlation needs, who can afford
to hire legions of data modellers to figure this stuff out for them.

This is not your typical SME model - so care needed to ensure what we
develop matches the ebXML business functional requirements!


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