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Subject: re "bizcode UNE03004"

Please set your mailer to reply to the list rather than merely
cc'ing it.

David Webber wrote:
| Message text written by Terry Allen
| >Where is the specification laying out how a string such as
| "UNE03004" is assigned?
| <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
| Terry, I just noticed that in the site move to the DISA.org web site,
| the XML/edi Repository White Paper and associated Web
| pages got orphaned.
| Anyway - I'll take the opportunity to update it in the context of the
| newest W3C schema and XLink work and let you know when
| that revised draft is available.
| I'll also try and get the old pages moved over for tomorrow
| in anycase.

I'm not interested in a white paper, I'm interested in a proper
technical specification.  This is the second time I've asked,
and I now am inclined to believe that there isn't one, in which
case there's nothing to "bizcodes" and nothing to consider about

 - Terry Allen

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