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Subject: Re: UNSPSC - whose in charge anyway?

Message text written by INTERNET:olken@lbl.gov
    In North America we now use NAIC industrial classification codes,
replacing the previous SIC codes.  See
The new codes were adopted as part of the NAFTA treaty.

                Frank Olken


Yep - and that's the whole point - the US Gov only has NAICS codes
for industries it wants to track - so its not an all inclusive list - which
UN/SPSC codes are looking to be - a neutral list - but at teh top level
they only have 99 slots - so industries are lumped together - like
software engineering, into general engineering - so you end up with
unnatural marriages - becuase the 99 sub-classifications codes are
then not software engineering, and so on.

UN/SPSC is clearly better than NAICS - but it still is not perfect - we
need something better.

D&B is OK in N.Am, but not in Europe, and not for all industries, etc.

Anyway - Bill K. was not looking for work - and neither am I - but the
fact remains this is a key area and that we do need a better 
coordinated solution. 

Guess I'm just going to have to wait until the concensus 'discovers'
the need for this one too.  You heard it here first.

I was particularly hoping to hear from people who are actually using
UN/SPSC codes right now - and how well they are stacking up
for their industry?


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