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Subject: RE: Help

>>ebXML-Compliant Business Application is a subset of Party - why do we show
it separately? 

No. It is an "instantiation" of a software developer .  It is NOT a subset -
the software developer creates the program, but the software application IS
NOT a programmer.  It executes on behalf of a party - there is an important
distintion that must be tracked / logged.   The software agent, a
specialization of the appl, is also "dependent" on the profile configured by
a business user.  In both cases these associations do not show that an
application is a special type of party.  

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From: Joe Dalman
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   Here is the document that you started but we are still not making
progress if you can expand areas we should add comments we can try
harder to
make changes.  We miss you this week.

I think we are going to have to plan bi-weekly phone calls to get on

Thanks for your help...


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