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Subject: RE: Help

c. A registry shall incorporate a mechanism for querying a repository or a
cache of a
repository's index via an API (see "2.15 ebXML Business Process Search

Here's a fundamental problem.  It is the registry that should be searched
not the repository, basically searching the stored metadata ABOUT the
information in the repository.  this metadata is a result of manually
entering of information as well indexing, either 1) according to a
predefined classification scheme or 2) a full text (if possible), concept
based indexing to extract and index all important terms.  We talked about
this for quite a while in Orlando that searching is only done in the

As far as the TRP server comment, the message request could come from
anywhere, such as HTTP, or from another application.  I know this is
different than the XML.ORG impl.  In Part2, I supposed we could put "Guest
User" as the actor, but in REALITY it is a SYSTEM that is marshalling that
request and passing it to SOMETHING.  That is a combination of the HTML
form, HTTP and a Java servlet (e.g.).  

In the final analysis phase (Part3), I am proposing that the model reflect
that as a TRP proxy and server, because in physical reality a client could
be installed on an HTTP server to pass an ebXML TRP request via a proxy to a
TRP server (could be multiple load balanced servers) which deserializes the
request and invokes executes the correct member function.  I was jumping the
gun a bit, knowing that the proof of concept will need to receive and
respond to a TRP-based registry request.


-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Dalman
To: 'Nieman, Scott'
Sent: 8/10/00 7:34 PM
Subject: Help


   Here is the document that you started but we are still not making
progress if you can expand areas we should add comments we can try
harder to
make changes.  We miss you this week.

I think we are going to have to plan bi-weekly phone calls to get on

Thanks for your help...


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