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Subject: Adds to Agenda: 6 Oct Reg/Rep Conf Call?


Please consider adding the following to the agenda for next weeks meeting.
These should be short and sweet issues.

Meeting Minutes/Discipline?  
	- There is no visible rigor to this.  What are agreed actions &
issues, from each meeting,  etc.
	- For now, I will continue to volunteer to do this.

Project Team Web Site Status?
	- Reg/Rep Web Site pages are way out-of-date.  Is there a place for
WIP doc's?, If not, how do we get one?  What resources will ebXML place at
our disposal?

Possible Reg/Rep FTF prior to Tokyo?
	- Do we need one?  If so, when/where?

Current (Active) Team members Roles and Responsibilities
	- Not much visible reg/rep activity on the list service, however,
high quality activity by a small number (SH, LG, FN)
	- To synchronize and help each other, determine who is doing what,
who can help with what, etc.)

Joel Munter
Intel - eArchitecture Solutions Lab
(480) 552-3076

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