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Subject: Re: agenda for tokyo

One specific agenda item I would recommend is to have the 4 companies that have
implemented ebXML RR specs for Tokyo POC to get up and describe, what worked,
what did not work, the spec problems they encountered and what they would
recommend as changes to the specs. IMHO they are in an excellent position to
speak from practical experience on what needs fixing in the specs.

I think Yuta's point was that we need to focus on identifying and fixing bugs
in the specs rather than an open ended "lets start from scratch" approach.



David RR Webber wrote:

> Message text written by Yutaka Yoshida
> > Are we going to re-consider the whole architecture
>    again or are we going to do a 'bug fix' if the things proven not
>    to be ok in POC? I strongly disagree restarting the whole
>    architecture discussion again because we don't have that kind of
>    luxury.
> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> Yutaka,
> This stuff is subjective.  Many of us want to table alternate approaches
> here.   I'm not seeing this is a tear-up and start again - rather a natural
> progression - we've learned alot about what does and does not
> work - and we need to start with a review there.   We are missing
> basic functionality and the XML is ugly and in some places broken.
> I do not wanted to be married to where we are right now.  We need
> to take time to stop and get this right before rushing ahead.
> There is still work to be done on creating a solid, simple, clear
> and easy to use underpinning that is broadly compatible with
> OASIS, eCo, Schema and UDDI and SOAP / XP.
> We don't have that yet is my summation, but we can get there.
> If we get concensus in Tokyo on this, and get it fixed, then all
> the other stuff will be alot easier to do afterwards.
> DW.


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fn:Farrukh S. Najmi

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