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Subject: Re: Single Registry Interface Proposal (ZIP)

Hello Folks,

    I am new to the forum. I am very disappointed with the above document.
    If we are going to have any credibilty we MUST describe what we intend
with clarity.
    The document is full of unnecessary verbiage and mangled English.
    Take one example:

" 7) Provide a simple metaphor to migrate and express existing data
dictionaries and related content such as COBOL copybooks, SQL table
definitions, CICS structures, program data structures, business data
dictionaries and similar information content quickly and easily into."

  Help !!!! This is neither grammatical English nor is it comprehensible

 If part of this document has been prepared by someone whose mother tongue
is not English, please have it checked by a native English speaker.
As an alternative let the author write it in their own language, then  have
it translated by a translator whose mother tongue is English.

Our specifications, and other documents, must be clear and unambiguous. They
are about communication of a grand plan. If communication fails we are lost.

I am sorry to have to start my membership of  the forum with a rebuke as
above, because I think the whole initiative is admirable, and greatly

I would hate to find the initiative was failing because it is badly

Sorry !!

Cheers, Phil, Goatly (Bolero International Ltd)

----- Original Message -----
From: David RR Webber <Gnosis_@compuserve.com>
To: ebxml repository <ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org>
Sent: Saturday, November 04, 2000 5:35 AM
Subject: Single Registry Interface Proposal (ZIP)

The attached is the first draft and example DTD's.

The idea is to create a simple single pair of DTDs
for Requests to the Registry and Responses back.

People can then use this pair to implement whatever
use cases and extended function sets that they

This is the culmination so far of working on the OASIS
Registry interface and creating an aligned interface
for ebXML.  The ebXML interface is significantly
simpler than the OASIS.  But it follows the same
information model, which is really cool (since it means
OASIS and ebXML Registries can be interoperable,
and it also means people wanting extended functionality
can potentially setup to an OASIS registry).

Apologies for getting this out late, I've had to fight a
heavy head cold the last two days; no fun.

I will bring 20+ printed copies to Tokyo for those
attending to review.

As we are coming out post-PoC we should be able
to apply lessons learned to the single interface model
here, and make a simple and consistent way to
access Registry.  I've already borrowed heavily from
the earlier work leading up to the PoC - thanks for
everyone's efforts on providing those materials.

My sense is my first draft here needs work to
polish and get the story consistent and easy to
understand.  My goal was primarily to get the
DTD's as exactly close as I could and clean
and error free.

I look forward to everyones input to these ideas
so far.

Thanks, DW.

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