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Subject: RE: UDDI Classification vs. ebXML RR Classification


	I thought Farrukh's adHoc query proposal addresses the second method -
query based on known attributes/classification. Can you check it out ?


-----Original Message-----
From: Matthew MacKenzie [mailto:matt@xmlglobal.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2000 3:56 PM
To: ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: UDDI Classification vs. ebXML RR Classification

It seems that in ebXML RR, classification trees are requested and traversed
any prior knowledge of the classification taxonomies, the classification is
given to
the user dynamically.  This approach is certainly very flexible for allowing
taxonomies to be introduced in certain industries, but presents a problem
when an
attempt is made to integrate with UDDI.

UDDI expects the browser to know about the classification taxonomies.  At
UDDI.microsoft.com, if I wanted to find businesses that are associated with
Luggage and Personal Care Products, I would need to do
search that essentially says: find businesses with a UNSPC code of 53.

Should ebXML RR support a number of taxonomies such as UNSPC, NAICS, SIC and
as UDDI does, and have an option of supplying the classification tree based
on a list
of taxonomies that the
client is interested in, for instance:





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