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Subject: Re: GUID: Registry Information Model v0.41

Farrukh Najmi wrote:

> >
> >            128 random numbers are convenient for machines but
> >            do not meet our business need - most clearly since
> >            inspection of the GUID does not indicate any ownership.
> That is quite OK since a GUIDs purpose is not to indicate ownership.

Whether you use 128 bit random numbers, or David's non-random method,
indicating ownership is useful and I don't understand why you would not like
this information to be a part of a GUID.  My suggestion is that we strike
"GUID" and instead use UID, or change the definition of global, and adopt a
prefix convention.  For instance, an Object's UID could be something like the

Farrukh scheme:

URN type scheme:

Party ID type scheme:


URL type scheme:


Given an object's ID and it's ownership, it is possible to find out information
about an object automagically, such as interface binding info without involving


ps> the URL scheme may be worth looking at, since the possibility of making
syncronous browse requests using HTTP logically follows.

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