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Subject: Re: GUID: Registry Information Model v0.41

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> I humbly disagree. The fundamental premise I have is that GUIDs are purely
> for machine consumption and not for human consumption. The name attribute is
> for human consumption and need not be globally unique. OASIS had this mix-up
> between the need for a unique ID (for internal machine use) and the need for
> a human friendly name or label (not necessarily unique).

The business use case dictates efficiency.

A machine can process a regular expression pattern match for a namespace
prefix much more efficiently than having to create a large tied hash and
comparing it to an internal hash to recognize a preferred taxonomy.   

I propose a comprimise.  We use the DC 128 bit stuff for the GUID but
still allow it to be prequalified with a namepspace prefix to represent
the vertical or taxonomy owner.  David's suggestions of a 26 base 3
prefix should be more than enough.


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