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Subject: Formal Protest from XMLGlobal.

We would like to protest that the current drafts contains
exclusive references to use of OQL.

We would like this protest noted in a new section in the 
document - Dissentions and Protests.

In Tokyo the syntax for ad hoc queries was discussed and
the decision was made that a decision matrix would be
created and that evaluation criteria would be tabulated
prior to any long term commitment on query syntax.

Sun staff made several assertions pertaining to OQL that
have subsequently been difficult to corroberate from
independent sources.

At the VERY LEAST the wording should be revised to 
state that  - for the proposes of the PoC in Vancouver,
temporary use will be made of OQL syntax as a means
to demonstrate functional capability - but that this in 
NO WAY represents a defacto decision to exclusively
use OQL.

Long term decisions on Query syntax should take
full account of W3C work in this area - and also the 
requests from other ebXML working groups - such
as Core Components.


DW.   VP Business Development XMLGlobal.

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