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Subject: Re: Formal Protest from XMLGlobal.

Message text written by "Martin Bryan"
>Long term decisions on Query syntax should take
full account of W3C work in this area - and also the
requests from other ebXML working groups - such
as Core Components.

Given the publication of a draft of the XML Query Algebra on 4th December,
following the last meeting of the repository group, I feel that there is a
need for the group to carefully assess the suitability of the XML Query
Langauge Data Model and Algebra as the basis of the ebXML repository work,
in preference to any proprietary or ebXML-specific solution.

Martin Bryan



Thanks for the update on XML Query.

I would add to this that XPath is already a RECOMMENDATION from the W3C,
and one that is being very widely implemented and supported.

At the very least we should have an optional

  <query type="XPATH">/here/there/(this)</query>

approach - where the type of query syntax is from an allowed list.

Xpath would appear to be a dramatically easier query to implement for 
the PoC and one that you could argue that the press and attendees would 
intuitively equate to.


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