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Subject: re: CC Requirements : RE: Formal Protest from XMLGlobal.

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
>2) There seems to be a requirement to be able to resolve entity references
directly from a DOM parser (second and third paragraph); interaction with
the registry currently requires TRP which was a StC decision.  At this time
every request to the Registry needs authentication. RR discussed session
state management which could potentially assist direct DOM interaction with
the Registry.<



In the PoC in Tokyo content was not being passed via the payload - but as
a URL.  Therefore retrieval of physical content was being done completely
outside of TRP since the RR DTD's did not contain any ability to
XML content as part of the payload.  It's not clear this limitation of the 
original DTD's has been removed or remedied.

There is still a contridiction in the latest spec's - since they state that
the get****
functions do not require authentication - when in fact from your note above
they clearly do.

I submitted an alternate DTD structure in Tokyo that implemented all
this - but that was rejected; and it appears the issues still remain.

A single consist DTD that works for all current and
future query paths without structural extensions can greatly simplify the 
implementation and maintenance dynamics here.

Given the time constraints you are working to - I'm sure you now have
no room to correct all this - beyond some bandaiding to get thru the
Vancouver PoC.

The real long term solution is to move beyond TRP and toward W3C XP - but
this also will need to wait until TRP sanctions the use of direct http/XML
interchanges instead of MIME based SMTP protocols.

I'm looking forward to getting out from underneath time-driven expedient
engineering as the sole criteria.

Thanks, DW.

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