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Subject: Re: XPATH query Take 2

David RR Webber wrote:

> The initial registry model calls for registry interaction to predominately
> occur prior to runtime.   Therefore support for discovery is important,
> and that processing WILL occur on the server.  It will not be high volume
> due to lower user count.  Even in V2.0 the server will be king.  In a
> loosely
> coupled model you cannot expect all the clients to have installed software
> suites - that's what hamstrings CORBA.

The users of ebXML will have to have XML parsers to participate in
ebXML.  It is not hard to write a couple of simple handlers to grab an
XML fragment from an XML DOcument instance.  THink of scalability.  If
GCA adopts ebXML with all 800,000 + of their member companies it will
cripple the Registry if they all ask for one document to be loaded into
the DOM and some processing done.

If we are not going to build it properly from the start,  we should not
build ebXML at all.  THe Requirements document clearly states that
scalability is a prime factor for the architecture.  IT is not hard to
keep the processing off the Registry.  IN fact,  it is favourable
because the XML fragment being returned still has to be parsed by the
user.  THerefore we have nothing to loose and everything to gain by
doing it this way.


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