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Subject: Re: XPATH query Take 2

Message text written by Nikola Stojanovic
Until we explore LDAP, however, I don't think we should legitimately look
technologies that do not immediately suit our needs, such as XPath.

If we are going to look at LDAP maybe we should also explore DSML 2.0?




We also looked at WebDav - DASL- but Sun does not like that as 
Microsoft have implemented it.

To be fair DASL is somewhat dated now - but there are useful concepts
that should be plagurized and have not been so far except for in the
draft I prepared but was not reviewed to that level of detail.

I'm not so struck on DSML - way too much bit-and-byte focus - and alot
that is probably deprecated by Schema.

There's a lot we can do - but trouble is the bar is being lowered already.


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