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Subject: Re: Vote on Security Sections in RIM and RS

I vote for "Yes" (sorry for late vote)

Sangwon Lim
Korea Institute for Electronic Commerce

----- Original Message ----- 
From: Farrukh Najmi <Farrukh.Najmi@east.sun.com>
To: <ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org>
Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2001 6:43 AM
Subject: Vote on Security Sections in RIM and RS

> For clarification, I am currently using Farrukh's computer at the f2f
> meeting.
> ============================================
> The ebXML Registry Team needs to vote on the current state of the
> security sections in RIM v0.53 and RS v0.82 specifications.  Today,
> based on detailed conversation, there were minor changes to the RIM
> security information model and a clarification statement.  The
> SecurityClearance interface was removed from the model in Figure 10, and
> its related text.  For clarification, we added statement that Figure 10
> is meant to be illustrative but not prescriptive.
> In summary, there is no substantial change since the last published
> version.  We would like a vote on the security portion of these
> specification.  Please reply to this email with a Yes or No with
> detailed comments.  The deadline is Monday 12 EST.
> We anticipate final changes to the RS specification in the area of
> ad-hoc queries based on the XPATH proposal to be completed over the
> weekend.  I am recommending TWO separate votes relative to RS: 1) on the
> revised ad-hoc proposal, and 2) the entire RS specification after the
> revised ad-hoc proposal.  Please anticipate both of these votes early
> next week.
> Regards,
> Scott Nieman

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