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Subject: Re: Review of thoughts on Ad Hoc Queries

Message text written by Farrukh Najmi
>I have tried to show an open mind to all approaches (without heat or
lightening). This is demonstrated by inviting experts like Mike Rowly and
spending an entire day of the f2f on the XPATH alternative. I then spent
entire weekend exploring that option further for feasability by actually
defining queries and running them on sample content. The results were
posted to
list. Finally, I spent several hours with Mike Rowley yesterday evaluating
feasability of the approach described by David on the NIST work. We ran out
time without any conclusions on that approach.

Once again, I am not wed to any approach. I will support whatever choice
team makes after a rational analysis and due process.


Thanks for the feedback.   What I see with the information model is that it
is an investment for the future.  Should we attempt to fully exploit all
in version 1.0?  I feel that will be a bridge-too-far.  Right now people
still grappling with the basics.   We should be mindful of this - and 
providing them with a good start point is paramount - that 80:20 sweet
spot.  Notice that W3C Schema has fallen into this trap - of not making
the basics easy (and RELAX seeks to address this) - and we should
therefore be cautious here ourselves.

I'm fighting other deadlines today. but tomorrow I will review in detail
your example XML and see how the NIST proposal factors out.
Hopefully I can find some good news there - and I'll let you and
Mike know as soon as I have some results I can send you to
review further.



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