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Subject: RE: Review of thoughts on Ad Hoc Queries

Message text written by "Nieman, Scott"
>> Hey - one way to eliminate N - E is to make sure N will work
before you ask it!!

Now you are speaking my language!   BUT this is a problem, since TODAY we
have an implicit CPA versus an EXPLICIT CPA.  I would prefer an explicit
cpa, but I understood that this was going to be worked on by TRP.  The
interface discovery service in Part1 is all about explicit cpas, which
easily be something like WSDL (which currently has a binding to SOAP, not
dependent on SOAP, only a binding) or similiar.

If TRP and TP do not solve this, we may have to ourselves by release 2.




Agreed.   I believe its MUCH easier for us to have an explicit CPA for
a Registry than it is for TRP.   Then how do you bootstrap the CPA
is the only little wrinkle for us - to know how to query for the CPA to
find out how you query!?!   If we simply create a directed service
function at that specific item - then we should be home free.
Since the CPA is public - it could be as easy as a sub-directory
and filename to pull it from that sits next to the registry itself.  Plain
http would then retrieve this for us.


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