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Subject: Re: R U Ready??? RE: conference call tomorrow

I concur in Scott's saying of "will call a vote to move..." to meet
the dead line of submission to QR, and I disagree with moving
the conf. call to Monday because it means it gives us only
three days to discuss, propose, finalize, and do an editorial works.
- It does NOT fly -.

So far I haven't seen any counter-proposal papers.
Yes, I read(several times) the threads related to the Query
and I saw concepts, arguments, and complaints, but not the
real proposal which we can discuss on in comparison with

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

 > Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 16:59:46 -0600
 > From: "Nieman, Scott" <Scott.Nieman@NorstanConsulting.com>
 > Subject: R U Ready??? RE: conference call tomorrow
 > I am hoping that we will have alternatives to review prior to this call.
 > I requested early in the week that the OASIS reps create a document that is
 > a replacement for the chapter covering ad-hoc query.  This would include
 > covering the existing examples in the chapter and any supplementary
 > information that may need to go into the appendix.
 > If I cannot see the alternative section by 9am CST, I will have very little
 > time to review and compile questions.  Not having that information would
 > render this whole week as a waste of time, as we need to get the RS
 > specification to QRT asap.  I am concerned that we will be forced to move
 > the current proposal to QRT without group consensus (based on technical and
 > time-realistic assessments) only to be shot down in flames anywhere in the
 > process.
 > Are people ready for this telecon?
 > If it was moved to Monday would we be any further along? 
 > If not, having no choice, I will call a vote to move the constrained OQL
 > proposal forward since it reflects the current state of the RS
 > specification!
 > Regards,
 > Scott
 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: Yutaka Yoshida
 > To: ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org
 > Sent: 1/11/01 4:24 PM
 > Subject: conference call tomorrow
 > Here's the numbers
 > Date:		1/12/01
 > Time:		10AM PST - 2PM PST
 > Toll free:     (888)422-7105
 > International: (608)250-9675
 > Participant code: 989446
 > I reserved 15 lines.
 > yutaka yoshida
 > Sun Microsystems

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