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ebxml-regrep message

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Subject: ebXML RegrepProposal

ebXML Regrep,

As requested by Scott Nieman, attached is a proposal for XML syntax that
could be supported in Phase I of the ebXML Registry. It is based very
closely on XML syntax specified in the OASIS Registry/Repository technical
specification found at URL


Len Gallagher

At 05:59 PM 1/11/01 , Nieman, Scott wrote:
>I am hoping that we will have alternatives to review prior to this call.
>I requested early in the week that the OASIS reps create a document that is
>a replacement for the chapter covering ad-hoc query.  This would include
>covering the existing examples in the chapter and any supplementary
>information that may need to go into the appendix.
>If I cannot see the alternative section by 9am CST, I will have very little
>time to review and compile questions.  Not having that information would
>render this whole week as a waste of time, as we need to get the RS
>specification to QRT asap.  I am concerned that we will be forced to move
>the current proposal to QRT without group consensus (based on technical and
>time-realistic assessments) only to be shot down in flames anywhere in the
>Are people ready for this telecon?
>If it was moved to Monday would we be any further along? 
>If not, having no choice, I will call a vote to move the constrained OQL
>proposal forward since it reflects the current state of the RS


Len Gallagher                             LGallagher@nist.gov
NIST                                      Work: 301-975-3251
Bldg 820  Room 562                        Home: 301-424-1928
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8970 USA           Fax: 301-948-6213

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