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Subject: Re: JSR-000093: JAXR - your opinions?

My fundamental reason is that the true success of ebXML is real
implementations BEYOND that of proof-of-concept.
</Scott >

Absolutely. POC is very important, but ebXML needs exposure to "global"
implementers (developers) audience ASAP.

<Bob Sutor>
In particular, it raises again the issue of specific language bidings for
XML-related specifications and who should do them (reminds me of the DOM),
and how to deal with such bindings when the primary means of accessing an
application is via XML messaging.
</Bob Sutor>

This is a very interesting issue. I am not sure I understand it fully,
though. Can you (Bob Sutor) share your opinion about this one with us? Also,
in case of Java and XML messaging, isn't there already a JSR for it:


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