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Subject: RS 0.84 distribution

Attached is the RS 0.84 document. Also attached is the same document with diffs turned on so you can see what has 
changed between 0.83 and 0.84. Since this has been a source of confusion for some recently, it should be noted that 
both attachments are 2 views of the same document (one without diffs and one with diffs).

The changes are as follows:

-Changes to address feedback from Nagwa (thanks Nagwa)
-Query BNF: Further simplifications to query syntax. There are no nested selects anymore. Thanks Mike Rowley for the suggestion.
-Semantic constraints added to simplify query syntax (e.g. Coolection attributes only legal in IN clause)
-Fixed minor typos in query examples (e.g. replaced double quotes with single quotes, added missing '(' and ')' in IN clauses). 
 These were caught when they were tested via cut-and-paste against a newly implemented query processor.

Per Klaus' recent note this is not an official submission to QRT. This does however represent the latest RS document
as far as the works of the Registry team are concerned. Scott or Yuta, you may submit this to StC if you see fit.






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