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Subject: Re: RS 0.84 distribution


As I haven't seen any objections to this version, I'm going to
send this to QR.

yutaka yoshida
Sun Microsystems

 > Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 17:04:17 -0500
 > From: Farrukh Najmi - JavaSoft East <Farrukh.Najmi@east.sun.com>
 > Subject: RS 0.84 distribution
 > Attached is the RS 0.84 document. Also attached is the same document with 
diffs turned on so you can see what has 
 > changed between 0.83 and 0.84. Since this has been a source of confusion for 
some recently, it should be noted that 
 > both attachments are 2 views of the same document (one without diffs and one 
with diffs).
 > The changes are as follows:
 > -Changes to address feedback from Nagwa (thanks Nagwa)
 > -Query BNF: Further simplifications to query syntax. There are no nested 
selects anymore. Thanks Mike Rowley for the suggestion.
 > -Semantic constraints added to simplify query syntax (e.g. Coolection 
attributes only legal in IN clause)
 > -Fixed minor typos in query examples (e.g. replaced double quotes with single 
quotes, added missing '(' and ')' in IN clauses). 
 >  These were caught when they were tested via cut-and-paste against a newly 
implemented query processor.
 > Per Klaus' recent note this is not an official submission to QRT. This does 
however represent the latest RS document
 > as far as the works of the Registry team are concerned. Scott or Yuta, you 
may submit this to StC if you see fit.
 > --
 > Regards,
 > Farrukh

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