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Subject: RE: Meeting notes for 02/14/2001

Only comment today:

>>Len Comment 5:  The main issue in comment 5 was summarized as follows:
Classification is broken, Classifications must be able to point to remote
classification schemes.  Farrukh and Len will work on how this will be
worked out in the Registry Services Specification.

It was discussed on a telecon before the Jan f2f, and briefly at the f2f
that the classification node could potentially be extended such that a
classification node could actually be a class in a class diagram, or an
entity in an entity relationship diagram.  I had brought up in Tokyo the
point that this is a critical feature since we need to support multiple
viewpoints in class diagrams and ERMs (like "views" in a RDBMS), and there
is also a growing need to support topic maps.  

To me, the only way to support this is to add a control class to the
existing class diagram.  Len's ClassificationScheme classifier may do just
that.  I would add to that class these operations/ member functions:

pickNewRootElement() ; to pick a new root element, reparsing / reorganizing
the existing tree with respect to trees which nodes have multiple parents,

rotateTree(); topic maps, class diagrams and erms can be very large, with
nodes that have multiple parents, and the only way to visualize them in a
tree / explorer-like view is in 3D.   rotateTree() would allow one to "see"
nodes that are hidden by others.


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