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Subject: RE: Resubmission of Distributed Registry Approaches.ppt


Hi.  I think these two are equivalent!  The problem with ebXML 
these days is that we have not yet unscrambled our terminology
into phrasing that the average citizen can grasp.

Perhaps my statement was too succinct - but the ghist is 
there in the intent of the CPP of allowing someone to 
connect to a Registry via the ebXML Registry API and
send requests and get responses.  A registry CPP, as
Farrukh showed in the Tokyo PoC, is just a specialized
instance of the TRP CPP.

Is that clearer?

Thanks, DRRW.

Message text written by "Welsh, David"
>David ?? 

> The CPP tells you the mechanics of talking to the particular registry
> and just establishes the registries presence in hyper-space.
> DW.

"The CPP tells you the mechanics of talking to the particular registry" ?

The CPP tells you the message exchange capabilities that (or it is which ?)
a collaboration partner chooses to publish that (or which) a collaboration
partner would (we'd hope probably use) to support a collaborating business
Of course one has to reasonably expect not every organization will publish
all their real CPP profile capabilities to the world; perhaps all you'd see
is a simple public CPP but for those 'special relations' there's a special
CPP you don't see !
Of course one also don't need to have a CPP in a registry to do a mutually
defined business relationship, likewise for a CPA, but at this point one is
reasonably expecting a CPP to be serviced by easy to use (and free ?)
Registry services.

The other DW

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