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Subject: R of R - sellers, but no buyers??

Message text written by "Farrukh"
>> Note that the registry of registries case is special since in that
case it
> is
> likely that each registry would register its own explicit CPP in the
> registry
> of registries. <



Why is this likely?

Since we can spec' that the CPP goes in an ebXML sub-directory
off the URL of the registry site - then we remove the need for R of R
as a required piece.

Or this in the category of "shameless plug for my company's approach",
which is totally OK - BTW - but just trying to unravel the knotted string
here a little bit ; -)

Scott H said this very succintly yesterday -
"Non-replicated community-based ebXML Registries would likely reflect
more quickly, and not need to scale
with volumes appropriate across all sectors. I also believe this two-tiered
approach sets direction on path for any
future ultimate integration".

Thanks, DW.

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