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Subject: Re: Incorrect mappings in RIM interfaces

The attributes mentioned are by design and not by accident. They do not map to ATTLIST in the DTD (they do not need to). Their purpose is describe relationship attributes for binding to the SQL scehma and future XQuery schema.

Michael Joya wrote:

> In a couple of places in the RIM spec, there's a mapping from certain getXXX values to attributes that don't exist. For an example of what I'm talking about, here's an excerpt from the table for RegistryEntry:
> RegistryEntry:
> [Method Summary]
> Collection getAssociatedObjects()
> Returns the collection of Objects associated with this
> object. Maps to attribute named associatedObjects.
> Collection getAuditTrail()
> Returns the complete audit trail of all requests that
> effected a state change in this object as an ordered Collection
> of AuditableEvent objects. Maps to attribute named
> auditTrail.
> Collection getClassificationNodes()
> Returns the collection of ClassificationNodes associated
> with this object. Maps to attribute named
> classificationNodes.
>   In each case, I can't find an ATTLIST containing attributes named "associatedObjects", "auditTrail", or "classificationNodes", nor does it make any sense for there to be a single attribute value in the DTD. I think this part of the ebXML documentation has been brought directly out of someone's JavaDocs and some irrelevant information has been captured into the RIM by accident.
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