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ebxml-requirements message

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Subject: Re:ebXML Requirements Conference Call - Thursday March 2

Hello the team,

Version 0.5 looks good, congratulations.

as I might not be ablee to attend the conf call, please find below questions I
have concerning version 0.5:

- page 3 Introduction, end of paragraph what does TM upper case mean? is i a
trade mark and by whom?

- Concerning the review of the requirements, I have some requirements on the
registry /repository. To whom do I send them, the requirement team or the
registry and repository project team directly?

- is a version 0.6 expected for review next week?

- how long will the review process last?

Please find attached my requirements concerning the registry/repository - they
are in green in the document. Could you let me know when and how I can process


Regards, Jean

MS Word document

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