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Subject: RE: 2.4.1 requirements document

I am playing "catch-up" mode at this point, having been at the TMWG meeting
last week, etc.  February was comprised of toooooo many meetings.

I have read the statement, and I agree with Peter that the "API" is ONE API.
It will be expressed in XML syntax (XML interfaces to software components,
and suggested by TMWG).  

The "human interface" is not classified as an "API" per se, but rides on top
of the registry and repository API.  Java servlets, Perl and/or XSL could
formulate the HTML to XML API transformation, and simple client/server
technology (sockets, HTTP, etc.) could pass the data to the Registry.
Requests to the registry could be passed on to the Repository as a proxy
service to retrieve repository contents.

It is probable that there will be a Registry API and a Repository API as
they may support different services.  These XML-based APIs will represent
the activities in the workflow; i.e., how I interact with the registry and
repository to do my work either via development or runtime viewpoints.  

In the next day, there will be a posting of a revised UML model for the
registry and repository.  Keep your eyes open for this.


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From: Mike Rawlins [mailto:rawlins@metronet.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 3:16 PM
To: Scott, Nieman,
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Subject: Re: 2.4.1 requirements document


Please take a look at this comment on Registry and Repository requirements,
and advise



Peter Kacandes wrote:

> I have a question with regard to section 2.4.1 of the document that makes
> to maintaining two apis, one for machines and another for people. This
seems to me
> to be extroardinarily inefficient. It seems to me that there should be
only one API
> to the system. If somebody wants to write a gui to the system, then they
> welcome to do it. I think it will be highly impractical to try and develop
> maintain two apis. I have made these thoughts known within the
architecture group,
> but am not aware that we came to any kind of conclusion on the topic.
> thanks
> regards
> pk
> Peter Kacandes
> Application Planning, Architecture & Strategy   phone number:   X36529
> WWOPS IT/Supply Chain Management                email:

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EDI Consulting

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