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Subject: RE: 2.4.1 requirements document

The "human interface" is not classified as an "API" per se, but rides on top
of the registry and repository API.</scott>

You are correct.  API does infer Application interface.

<scott>Java servlets, Perl and/or XSL could
formulate the HTML to XML API transformation, and simple client/server
technology (sockets, HTTP, etc.) could pass the data to the Registry.
Requests to the registry could be passed on to the Repository as a proxy
service to retrieve repository contents.</scott>

This method still carries extra overhead for the client in terms of
development.  I have received numerous communiques indicating a concern for
the actual costs for SME's.

All I am really proposing is that we create the two interfaces - the API and
the human interface.

Writing a human interface for an XML context search is not a task to be
taken lightly.  There are very few of these anywhere in the world and it
takes some very special know how.  We (goxml.com) tried 4 or 5 before we got
it right.   I think that in the interest of KISS (from the users'
perspective), we should build this functionality into the architecture.

Duane Nickull

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