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Subject: Re: Requirements Spec Review of Working Draft 3 version 0.60

1.5 General ebXML Principles

"Avoid imposing financial or software requirements constraints on ebXML
users to buy, install or programmatically support any ebXML unique
software products in the conduct of business information exchange,"

What does this mean?  Needs clarification - software will not
necessarily be "ebXML unique,"  (i.e., may support RosettaNet and EDI
also) but it will have to support ebXML regardless.  Do you mean "avoid
imposing proprietary solutions", forcing both partners to use the same
vendor's product?   The words interoperable and non-proprietary are
enough to assure readers that they needn't buy the same software
solution as their trading partners'.

"Meet the needs of all nationalities that use it" is redundant.  It's
implied by "Provide multi-lingual support" and "Accommodate national and
international trade requirements."

2.3 Globalization

"all work will be compliant with Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646 for
characters, Internet RFC 1766 for language identification tags, ISO 639
for language name codes, and ISO 3166 for country name codes."

Should we add additional standards to the compliance list? e.g., ISO
8601: Representations of dates and times, (especially) the ISO 4217
currency codes, UN/CEFACT Trade Facilitation Recommendation No. 20: Code
elements for Units of Measure, and other CEFACT Trade Facilitation
Recs at http://www.unece.org/cefact/trafix/bdy_recs.htm.

2.5.1 Architecture

"The ebXML architecture will support"  a "Common Language - Common
vocabulary, with a one to one correspondence between words and meaning.
Also, a common spoken language"

What's the deal with "a common spoken language"?

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Dublin, OH USA 43017-3305
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