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Subject: [Fwd: ebXML Listserv problems]

Hi all,

I just received this note from Martha Warfelt DaimlerChrysler
Corporation and the agenda for tomorrows steering committee conference
call.  Apparently this issue didn't make the agenda, but I believe that
is a mistake.

Martha shared with me her personal viewpoint that if she shared with her
management the events of yesterday & the concern it caused her, the
response she could expect would be her organizations withdrawl from
ebXML.  While you and I might think, well it was just an automated
process, and surely we can't take this that seriously, but the
perception of the outside business world is not the same.

I urge that some discussion of this topic be added to tomorrow's agenda.


Hi Klaus,
As I'm sure you're probably already aware, my e-mail address was removed
yesterday from various ebXML listservs (Requirements, Core Components,
Transport, Architecture). I'm not sure why this happened...?? The last
message I received was approximately 10:15 yesterday morning. At that
particular point in time, I believe all I was doing was attempting to
register for the meeting next week.  I know for sure that I was not trying
to post a message. Not knowing for sure if I would be reinstated on the
listservs, I re-registered yesterday afternoon.

Klaus, I have a couple concerns.

First, why did I get 'bounced'? Am I the only one that got bounced? If so,
why was I singled out? Based on the impression that I came home with after
the Brussels meeting, it seemed that ebXML was quite interested in having
automotive participation.

Second, as most corporations are constantly going through cost cutting
measures, DCX is as well. With that, approval for me to attend the meeting
next week just came through last week. All travel requires the approval of
our CIO. With that, it was not an easy thing to pull off.  This initiative
is being viewed here as important from both the standpoint of knowing what
is going on and the ability to contribute. The listserv is a very important

Klaus, as I am the DaimlerChrysler representative to ebXML, DaimlerChrysler
really would like to participate. Being bounced from the listservs is
somewhat disappointing.

If there is something that I can do to prevent myself, any other DCX
employee, or for that matter, any other automotive representative from
being bounced, please let me know.

Thank you for your attention,
Martha Warfelt
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
800 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, MI

phone 248 944-5481
e-mail maw2@daimlerchrysler.com

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