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Subject: Re: [Fwd: ebXML Listserv problems]

On Tue, 01 Aug 2000 14:25:17 -0400, Lisa M. Shreve wrote:

>I just received this note from Martha Warfelt DaimlerChrysler
>Corporation and the agenda for tomorrows steering committee conference
>call.  Apparently this issue didn't make the agenda, but I believe that
>is a mistake.


I just received the note from Martha myself and have already
apologized to her.  As to the issue and not making the agenda, the
reason being that Bill Smith has asked me to address it via the
executive committee next week since this is a management issue. 
OASIS is providing the resources for the service and as such I
believe Bill wants to deal directly with the issue.

As I am writing this I notice an email from Karl Best to Martha
with his apology. I know we all want a perfect setup and
encountering problems like these, specially when other issues are
in the open, is not a good image for ebXML.  I am sure that the
executive members are aware of this and will address the issue
next week.  If any of you feel that you need to add more
background or comments to the topic do so under other business



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