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Subject: Re: UDDI, ebXML, and ecoFramework

At 03:08 PM 9/8/2000 -0500, Mike Rawlins wrote:
>Sorry MK, but I don't know any more than you do.  I based my R&R comment on my
>review of the one document that R&R submitted, and Scott's many comments 
>that all
>that R&R was building was a facility to register and store any kind of 
>artifact, and
>that they were not dealing with the details of the artifacts.
>Now, Nick K has stated that R&R has a document "tabled" that deals with 
>partner discovery.  This is news to me, and is a departure from Scott's 
>comments.  Scott, what's the story on this?

Sorry let me clarify. The eCo framework is on the agenda for an R&R conf. 
call today and the "tabled" document is the start of a spec on how one 
could actually use the registry. This spec. is needed if we are to even 
have a hope of doing regrep for the Tokyo-POC. What goes in the registry is 
an entirely different issue. Hope this helps.


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