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Subject: New Technical Architecture Specification v 0.8.71

Hello all:

This is a progress report on the new TA version 0.8.71

The document has been posted to the TA Project team last week and was
discussed for submssion to the plenary for comments.  IT was approved in
concept however, it was understood that a newer version wouldbe
submitted reflecting some minor grammatical and structural changes.  

The changed version was released to the TA group on Monday with a note
saying it will be suibmitted to the Quality review team on Wednesday
(tomorrow) unless there are major objections.  Since there have been no
major objections,  it would appear that the document is bound for
submission tomorrow by 12:00 PST.   

We would request that the Quality Review team finish its' review no
later than 5 days from that date and the document be submitted to the
plenary pursuant to the specification submission procedure.

On a personal note,  it is my hope that this document is reasonably
sufficient and can be voted on by Tokyo.  

Duane Nickull

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