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Subject: RE: ebXML Source Code Toolkit


     I appreciate your efforts in the POC working group.  However, this is
not an acceptable mode of operation.  

     For one thing, I don't understand what you mean by "interested POC
parties".  Everything we do in POC is in the open.  If you post to this
organization's list, it should be for everyone.  If you have a group of your
own choosing, please send email ONLY to those individuals.  I have been
involved in managing this working group for a while and the most recent open
source issue that I recall was YOU offering to help.

     Secondly, the issue of offering tools and/or implementations has come
up before and was just recently addressed in the steering committee
yesterday (your CEO can verify, as he is a committee member).  Any source
code that is offered openly within ebXML must follow an open source model.
In light of you request for an "NDA", I would go a step further and say that
this is solicitation for business and, therefore NOT ACCEPTABLE.

     If you have free and/or open implementations that you wish to offer
ebXML, please share it with EVERY ONE.  

Sid Askary

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From: Michael Joya [mailto:mike.joya@xmlglobal.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2001 3:06 PM
To: ebxml-poc@lists.ebxml.org; ebxml-transport@lists.ebxml.org;
ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org; ebxml-architecture@lists.ebxml.org;
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Subject: ebXML Source Code Toolkit

  Due to the large response I received from my post last week regarding
my offer of source code, I thought I would repeat the offer in greater
detail to some of the other groups.

  XML Global has a source code toolkit available that implements ebXML
message service functionality. Future releases of the toolkit are
mandated to support other subcomponents of the architecture as
specifications mature and stabilize.

What is required:
  JDK 1.3
  A servlet or jsp container
  The Solaris or Linux operating system

  An early access release went out to interested POC parties this week,
and I am in preparation of another release and further documentation to
make usage more palatable. Interested parties can email me directly to
obtain the NDA and subsequent access to the toolkit.

// Michael Joya
// XML Global Research and Development
// 1818 Cornwall Ave. Suite 9
// Vancouver, Canada
// 604-717-1100x230

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