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Subject: Lunch and Learn

StC members,

Following is a brief description of one of the two L&L sessions I mentioned
Wendesday for Vancouver.

>Interoperability with Legal Standards and Enforcement
>Jamie Clark will discuss legal developments relevant to the adoption and
>implementation of automatic contracting, including (1) some legal and risk
>issues for automated transactions, (2) the American Bar Association's work
>in revising laws to facilitate electronic contracting, (3) considerations
>about an industry's legacy body of written contracts and its migration to
>data-driven systems, and (4) potential opportunities to obtain comment on
>XML models from the legal community.   He chairs the ABA's business law
>subcommittee on electronic commerce, and is a partner in the corporate
>practice of Spolin & Silverman in Los Angeles.

I thought I had requested Tuesday 13 Feb. , but I don't think it matters as long
as we can tell Mr. Clark the day.

Paul Levine

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