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Subject: RE: tpaML Re: OASIS Forms TC to Develop XML Spec for Business Transactions

On Thu, 01 Feb 2001 10:04:04 -0800, Glushko, Bob wrote:

>Isn't  oasis part of  the ebxml executive committee?  does the executive
>committee ever meet? seems to me that coordination of the goals between
>OASIS and ebXML would be a high priority.  The same goes with W3C and ebxml,
>RosettaNet and ebXML... the executive committee should have as one of its
>main activities making sure that we all get along for the good of mankind.

Bob G. and the rest of the StC,

I just returned from Florida and reading my mail this morning has
raised my blood pressure above safe limits. I should follow the
advice I got from a very good friend, who suggest strongly to NOT
respond to emails that upset one, but sleep over it, let at least
24 hours pass.  I have followed that advice for many years, but
today I will ignore it. I most likely will say things that I
should not, but at this moment I could care less.

I am very upset at the OASIS executives to ebXML. Why? We had a
ebXML Executive F2F this Monday and NOT a single word about this
was mention during that session. The main topic of our meeting was
to put on the table UN/CEFACT's and OASIS's plans for ebXML after
our May meeting. We, UN/CEFACT did that! I missed the OASIS board
meeting on Tuesday since I had to leave for Florida. This topic
may have come up there with Ray being present. Even if it did,
there is no excuse for the OASIS representatives to the ebXML
Executive to have not informed the rest of the ebXML executives on
Monday about this since it is directly related to the current work
and OASIS plans for future ebXML activities. BTW, this is the
second time that an OASIS announcement about a TC formation that
is either a continuation or possible conflict with ongoing work in
ebXML. You may recall the Security Services activity announcement
that some of you identified and asked the same question. I am very
disappointed in what has transpired here especially since there
was a special F2F for both organizations to put on the table their
plans for the future of ebXML.

I will stop here, I have said what I needed to say. I am sure the
OASIS ebXML executives will not be in agreement with what I had to
say, so be it. I am very disappointed in Bob S., Bill and Patrick
for not informing the UN/CEFACT ebXML executives about this during
our F2F on Monday.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok                          ebXML & TMWG Chair
Netfish Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, Chief Technology Officer

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