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Subject: Re: UDDI


Thanks for your reply. I was overly broad with my "TPA" inquiry; what I
was referring to was the seeming overlap with partner profiles, and
trading partner negotiations in general.

I'm pleased to hear that the steering committee was briefed; I look
forward to public statements from Bob or Klaus.


Martin W Sachs/Watson/IBM wrote:
> Gordon,
> There is clearly overlap between UDDI and the ebXML registry and between
> UDDI and ebXML partner profiles.  From what I have seen (only a glance, so
> far) there is no mention of TPA in the UDDI materials that were released
> today.  If you found something specifically about TPA, please let me know
> where to look (document and page or subhead).
> The TP team is continuing to move forward according to our original plan.
> Bob Sutor briefed the steering committee on UDDI today. Any more detailed
> responses to questions about UDDI have to come from either Bob Sutor (with
> his IBM hat on) or ebXML management. I have copied Bob Sutor on this reply
> in case he wants to make a further response to your query.
> Regards,
> Marty
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> Gordon van Huizen <gvanhuiz@progress.com> on 09/06/2000 04:53:06 PM
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> Subject:  UDDI
> Marty,
> Have you had a chance to look into UDDI (a joint initiative of Ariba, MS
> and IBM--papers and specs can be found at www.uddi.org)?
> At first glance it appears that there is substantial overlap between
> UDDI and both Reg/Rep and TPA. How do you see UDDI relating to the
> ebXML/TPA work moving forward?
> Thanks,
> -gvh-
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