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Subject: RE: updated requirements specification

>As far as "transaction" goes, my personal intent is to use it only in a
>colloquial sense, not in a formal sense, especially since BP seems to use
>the word "commercial transaction" to mean one exchange of messages, which
>often does not correspond to  a unit of business.  If we can find a
>colloquial word to use the way that "transaction" is used in the latest
>requirements spec, let's put that on the list of things to change after

A business transaction would be defined in terms of the economic
elements in the BP metamodel:  that is, a business transaction
is a full resource exchange between trading partners, for example,
delivery of goods and payment, or, order-fulfillment-payment.
The business transaction is not complete until both partners
fulfill their explicit and implied commitments.

Commercial transactions would be used for the document
exchanges that documented the business transaction.

Bob Haugen

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