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Subject: Minutes of TP Teleconference: Oct. 18, 2000


	Marty Sachs
	Sam Hunting
	Anne Hendry
	Dale Moberg (initially)
	Tony Weida

Dale reported on behalf of Scott that our contribution to the Technical
Architecture document has been cut to a quarter of its original size and
that Scott doesn't know the reason.

Our requirements document as it stands now will be integrated into the
overall ebXML requirements document.  Mike Rawlins will be contacted to
inquire about the review process for that and to define the cutoff date.
Marty has been advised that our requirements document is an internal team
document that need not undergo any external review.  Nonetheless we must
establish consensus on our submission for the requirements document.

Sam asked Marty for a roadmap going forward.  Marty indicated that our
requirements document is a description of what we're doing and that our
"process to spec" is going through the CPP/CPA version 0 spec (the former
tpaML 1.0.6 document that Marty is re-casting as an ebXML document).  This
may include a line-by-line review over the next few months, starting in
Tokyo.  People should review the document and post comments on this list.

Marty reported Scott's view that CPP/CPA gap analysis should be conducted
against BP XML but Scott doubts that the latter will be ready soon.  Tony
reiterated his view that since BP XML is supposed to preserve the semantics
of the BP UML metamodel and the UML metamodel is available now, gap analysis
against the UML metamodel should produce the same results (and is his
preferred approach).

Marty will contact team leads for BP, TRP, Security, and CC about scheduling
joint meetings in Tokyo.  We may meet concurrently with both BP and CC.

Marty noted that IBM is cleaning up and expects to make available some of
their internal work on CPA negotiation.

Anne will get a hold of Chris to discuss TP project planning.

Due to limited attendance, further discussion was deferred until the next
teleconference, which will be next week at the same time.  All are
encouraged to attend.

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Weida

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