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Subject: RE: Collaboration Services (was: Business Service Interface)

<Jean-Jacques Dubray>
If you read our proposal, this is why the sequencing rules include "time
out". However, we restricted the "public logic" to two types of business
1) time out
2) branching based on a response type within a collaboration.
</Jean-Jacques Dubray>

I did read your proposal, but was not commenting on
your sequencing rules.

The beginning of this current disagreement (?) was when I stated
my opinion that message sequence numbers and linked lists
were inadequate for many business collaborations.  You seemed
to be disagreeing vehemently. Branching on a response type is 
different from either, and I agree permits many more variations.
I will need to think about how well it works for the two use 
cases I cited in a previous message in this thread, and
will now go and do that...

-Bob Haugen

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