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Subject: Re: Comment and question about CPP/CPA Spec.(version 0.1)


Some comments below.



Martin W Sachs wrote:

> 3. There are HTTP, SMTP, FTP as transfer protocol specification.
> Does CPP/CPA Specification support only these 3 protocols?
> Remarks(1): There was VAN-EDI tag in the document “Proposed Tags to be
> included in CPP and CPA”
> Remarks(2): IIOP(Internet Inter-ORB Protocol) is supported by TRP.
> MWS:  At the moment, the TRP specification supports only HTTP and SMTP.

CBF>> I want to make it clear that the TR&P Message Service specification
in its present state, provides normative transport bindings for SMTP and HTTP.
However, it is the intent of the TR&P team and the specification that 
ANY transport capable of carrying MIME content be a potential candidate
for use as the transport. Thus, the statement "only supports" is not
quite accurate.

> Generally, people have not been interesed in including IIOP since it is
> viewed
> as complex and not widely used.  It can be considered for the future.  The

Actually, I think that Henry Lowe might disagree;-) IIOP is widely used,
but not for inter-enterprise communications because it is not perceived
as being a "firewall-friendly" protocol.

> VAN-EDI bindings in tpaML were only a guess.  I think that part of the
> problem
> with VAN-EDI each VAN may do it differently, so their protocols are not
> open
> standards.  We can, of course consider it in the future.

The aim of the TP team should be to permit any arbitrary transport,
capable of carrying MIME content to be specified using the vocabulary 
we define. I don't think that we should necessarily need to provide
a closed set of possible protocols.

> 4. It is hard to read the structure of XML document(The example of CPP and
> CPA Document in the Appendix). Because several sentences are separated to
> two lines.
> Is there any method to fix this trouble?
> MWS:  The only method I know is to go through the appendices line by line
> and
> adjust the beginning of line and indents to make it more readable.  Some
> lines
> will have to be split anyway because they are too long for any printed
> format. I did try landscape orientation but it didn't help much.
> The DTD and XML samples are generated by an XML editor(XML Authority) which
> does not provide this kind of format control.  Manual adjustment is not
> practical because the DTD and XML sampleswill be changing for a long time
> to
> come.  We could consider doing it for the final approved version.

It would also seem to me that we should provide external access to a
DTD and XML instance files that may be downloaded by the reader for 
inspection using the tools of their choice. In fact, I am of the belief
that the specification should probably NOT embed the DTD and sample
documents directly, but should merely reference them. 

> Regards,
> Yukinori Saito
> --------------------------------------------------
> Yukinori Saito
> Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of Japan(ECOM)
> E-mail:y-saito@ecom.or.jp
> TEL:+81-3-5500-3642   FAX:+81-3-5500-3660
> --------------------------------------------------

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