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Subject: Re: no synch vs asynch indicator in CPP/CPA


I think you've captured this issue quite well below
when you say:
> I am not sure completely, but I am tempted to think that the issue of
> sync/async is just an "accident" of implementation, i.e. it is something
> that gets into the picture at the time the CPP is actually created.
> Something like:
>         - do you have a browser? Well, you should use this and that...
>         - do you have something different? Well, in this case you can use something
> else.
> But always to carry out the same business exchanges.

Of course, it is rarely an "accident" as typically, someone
asks for the synchronicity inj the application, but usually
for all the wrong reasons;-)

As Marty points out in his response to this issue, synchronous
exchanges are neither "real-time" nor are they necessarily fast.

In the B2B space, synchronous exchanges can actually lead to
significant problems due to the uncertain nature of the
Internet and distributed network computing in general.

As for a Business Process description/model incorporating
a notion of synchronous vs asynchronous in the MODEL, I think
that clearly this is a mistake. What is synchronous or asynchronous
is an implementation detail that should be described
at the level of the CPP/CPA in describing the technical
details of how the messages can be exchanged for a given business
process that is based on the implementation capabilities
of the partners, NOT on the description of the business
process model. 

To Marty's point that it is the BP that cares, in truth,
it is the implementation of the software that effects the
business process that cares. The BP itself is just a desription
of the messages that are exchanged, and the constraints
that are enforced as regards to ordering, pre and post 
conditions, etc. 


org:Sun Microsystems, Inc;XML Technology Development
adr:;;One Network Drive;Burlington;Ma;01824-0903;USA
title:Sr. Staff Engineer
fn:Christopher Ferris

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