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Subject: RE: Does the current CPA/CPP spec support multi-hop?

That's very much what I want to say.
In the case of the eth-ppp, the hub can be configured from outside. It does
not behave differently in different situations, at least from an external
point of view: it moves packets from the LAN to the phone and viceversa.
This is what I called "mechanical". This is, in my mind, a hub, not a

But if the behaviour of this actor depends on the trading partner agreement
and if it cannot be configured in a mechanical way, then it starts to become
a partner more than a hub


 -----Original Message-----
 From: Devendra Tripathi [mailto:tripathi@vidyaweb.com]
 Sent: 01 February 2001 00:04
 To: Stefano POGLIANI; Philippe DeSmedt; 'Burdett, David'; Martin W
 Sachs; ebxml-tp@lists.ebxml.org
 Subject: RE: Does the current CPA/CPP spec support multi-hop?


 > - In my modest opinion, multi hop is when the Hub really does not do
 > anything
 >   else than acting as a middle point, without translation nor change in
 >   the protocol semantic. In my opinion what you both describe is
 > a situation
 >   where the Hub does much more than that: at least it implements a
 > rudimental
 >   state machine to twist things from the sender to the receiver.

 I do not see this much different than a Gateway which converts
 (but is not a
 source of)
 the incoming packet to outgoing including the protocol (like ppp to
 Ethernet). If
 we take that analogy, the Hub could be viewed in that way. Is
 there any loss
 complicacy in following that model ?

 Devendra Tripathi
 VidyaWeb, Inc

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