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Subject: TP teleconference minutes - Feb. 7, 2001


     Jenny Xu 
     Henry Lowe 
     Dale Moberg
     Marty Sachs
     Sarma Vangala
     Tony Weida


Our next call will take place on the Wednesday after Vancouver.

Marty reminded the team that we owe our version 1 specification to Quality
Review by approximately March 7, based on his calculation of the review

We next discussed status reports on work items from the last call.

Packaging and Security: Much work remains to be done on security; currently
waiting for Chris (who has a lot on his plate for this team).  There's a
question of where to locate packaging subtree; Chris was thinking it belongs
under service binding.

We discussed Dale's email response to Marty regarding Nikola Stojanovic's
concerns about CPA composition and negotiation.  Dale sees CPA templates as
an option for some simpler cases, but they only get you "a little way".  He
believes that more complex cases require a CPP for both sides.  Marty asked
if this should be raised with the steering committee.  Dale commented that
if they have something in mind we should hear from them.  It was suggested,
without objection, that it would be a mistake to involve any of the
"overhead" teams at this time.

Next version of Document and DTD: Chris is hoping to get out them out
tonight.  The new version will include changes regarding roles that he and
Stefano Pogliani discussed on Monday.  Marty asked Chris to take a stab at
items in the Details and Corrections section of the CPA-CPP Changes to
Consider document.  Chris agreed.

Interface of CPP/CPA with XML documents that come from the BP Specification
Schema: Chris didn't have a chance to discuss this with Karsten, so it will
be a subject for our joint session with Karsten's team in Vancouver.  Marty
indicated that this is a "very key element".  We then discussed the name for
such XML documents.  No one objected to the most recent proposal of
"collaboration script".  Chris will implement the new name.

Synchronous Messaging: Without being sure what is or isn't going to be in
the messaging spec, Marty suggested that we should support what they do.
Chris reported that there will be synchronous messaging for sure.  This may
mean that we'll need more elements/attributes in CPP/CPA.

Multi-hop: We discussed David Burdett's interest in support for
intermediaries (see the email thread RE: Does the current CPA/CPP spec
support multi-hop?).  Marty believes that David is looking for more
functionality than pair-wise CPAs can provide, and asked if we're getting
into the area of three-party CPAs.  Chris thought we were treating
intermediaries as a "proverbial black box" so that we don't need to do
anything specific for multi-hop scenarios.

CPP ID: Chris was to check with Farrukh, but hasn't seen him recently.

Alternatives and choices: This item remains open.

Chris said that he'll send our material to the glossary folks.

We next discussed the prospective appendix on negotiation.  Dale has some
previous write-ups and notes, but thinks the appendix will be easier to
write once the CPP is closer to being finished.  He expects to have a 4 to 5
page draft towards the end of February.

Marty noted that Stefano sent some review comments to the TA team and that
their latest version contains all sorts of normative statements concerning
TP.  Marty will rely on Stefano to continue the dialogue with them.

Chris reported that he and Stefano reached agreement on roles and service
bindings.  Chris will merge the resulting changes in with the next version
that he's sending out.

Respectfully submitted,
Tony Weida

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