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Subject: Re: [PartyId "type" negotiation]

"William J. Kammerer" wrote:

> Prasad Yendluri asked "Since PartyId can take a flexible form coupled
> with the type attribute (e.g. <PartyId type="urn:duns.com">
> 1234567890123 </PartyId>), has any thought been given to making this
> negotiable / something that can be specified in the CPP/CPA?"
> Like a person might have certain names or nicknames he'll respond to, an
> organization may use one or more logical identifiers to identify
> itself - e.g., any of a D-U-N-S, a UCC/EAN GLN, a SCAC, a Health
> Industry Number (HIN), and on and on.  Each of these is unique within
> its name space (though an organization, through mergers or otherwise,
> may have two or more of each!).
> As long as any of the valid IDs to which one will answer can be
> accommodated in multiple occurrences of the <PartyId> element within
> <PartyInfo> in the CPP,  what kind of negotiation would be necessary?

The negotiation is on the "type". Should both parties use DUNS/HIN/..  Or
perhaps one party could use DUNS and the other a URI for the SMTP address

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